Masterbus Music & Video’s

  • Quarantunes-Smiling (Alanis Morisette)

    Ook dit nummer is thuis opgenomen door de individuele muzikanten gedurende de verplichte lockdown door COVID-19. Alle tracks zijn apart opgenomen via Studio One en geplaatst in Microsoft Teams. Van daaruit heb ik ze gedownload en via Cubase een eenvoudige productie gestart met alle uitdagingen die daar bij horen. Hte […]

  • Quarantunes-Uninvited (Alanis Morisette)

    During the Corona quarantaine period making music together is challenging but very worth it. new collaborations are made and people getting creative. This song is recorded from home by the individual musicians. All tracks are shared in Microsoft Teams and i used Cubase for the production. Enjoy!

  • Recording and Mixing

    From the MasterBus Recording Studio in Eindhoven and the mixing studio in Son and Breugel, we as mixing engineers guide bands and artists in recording and mixing their own songs or covers. View the clip to get an idea of ​​our studios.

  • When i Met The Blues

    This Blues song is a collaboration between different artists. Ao Olly Alcock, Tim Pierce and Vinnie Colaiuta had visible pleasure when the song was recorded by producer Warren Huart. I have mixed the song in the version as you can hear it here.

  • Cover van Bonny Raitt, ain’t gonna love you anymore

    This not so well-known song by Bonnie Raitt sung by Angelique (Jamcat), accompanied by Maurice on the piano. Sung by a new microphone, the Slate VMS with a Telefunken U-47 simulation. Via Focusrite to Cubase 10.

  • Locked Up by London Lawhon

    This song also comes from producer Warren Huart and has been mixed by me in a challenge to create a track in Cubase with only 7 plugins.

  • Love it Or Leave it

    This song from the very talented Alaina Blair has been mixed by me for "Produce Like A Pro Academy".

  • Always remember us this way.

    This is a rehearsal recording from JamCat. Played live via a Behringer X32. Then mixed via Cubase 10.