The sources and youtube channels below can help you further develop your recording and mixing skills.

  • Project Studio Handbook is a source of information on youtube for home recording. Clear and easily explained.
  • Produce like a pro is a website of producer Warren Huart where you as a member can mix tracks to your heart's content and have it assessed by Warren himself. Also a large community of music enthusiasts.
  • is a very nice website to train your hearing plus a source of very much information about recording, mixing, EDM, etc.
  • Audio Test Kitchen has a virtual library with the characteristics of almost every microphone. Test and compare more than 3000 microphones.
  • Rick Beato has a very interesting YouTube channel with a large amount of useful information for mixing engineers and musicians.
  • If you are a Cubase fan, then the channel is from Chris Selim for you. Many tips & tricks for this DAW.